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STRIDE™ Applications: Selling for Non-Sales Professionals


Selling for Non-Sales Professionals is a customized application of STRIDE™, directed at the professional services sector, for professionals wishing to become more skilled at retaining and growing business.


As a lawyer, accountant, broker or other in the professional services sector, you seldom if ever have the benefit of an in-house or contract sales team to attract new clients or retain and grow your existing accounts. Rather, the responsibility of promoting your services to ensure the ongoing financial health of your organization falls squarely on the shoulders of the partners and associates.


For many this can be a daunting task. By customizing our STRIDE™ program to specifically match your firm’s objectives and business philosophy, we can help you promote your business professionally, easily, and with confidence.


Selling for the Non-sales Professionals is ideal for professionals who:

• need to become more aware and more skilled at developing new business

• are looking to motivate and coach their team to successfully grow and retain business

• want to increase their partners-to-staff ratio by attracting new accounts without turning lawyers into sales reps

• wish to provide their team the development opportunities to acquire supplemental business skills that promote motivation and loyalty .


Financial and Business Support Services


Our holistic approach and depth and breadth of experience allow us to complement our core service offerings with a complete suite of management and support services. For clients looking for more than one solution to meet their strategic, operational, and financial goals, we are pleased to offer comprehensive support in the following areas:

• Strategic assessment and planning

• Financial consulting (including assessment, planning and management)

• Business process

• Leadership coaching

• Governance and transparency

• Branding and communications

• Recruitment




JTX provides full service executive and sales professional recruitment services.


An effective sales force is the lifeblood of your company’s growth. Our robust assessment tools and methodologies, in-depth understanding of workforce demographics, and extensive experience in the recruitment of sales professionals, provide us with invaluable insight to help you find the ‘right people at the right time’ and make us your ideal sales recruitment partner.