JTX | Sales Force intelligence Process
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• Evaluate the sales success vision at a leadership level (What do the company and sales leadership think is necessary to achieve sales goals?)

• Determine what the top performers are actually doing to achieve sales goals

• Cross reference the leadership vision with the key competencies of top performers to identify and prioritize sales practices, attributes, behaviors, and drivers critical for success and create an ideal sales profile for the organization

• Understand the sales force and identify critical competency gaps at an organizational and individual level using sophisticated psychometric assessments



• Develop a common language and common understanding throughout the organization that articulates and reinforces the sales characteristics required for ongoing sales success and growth

• Create focused development plans to close competency gaps

• Train sales management how to coach individuals for sales success



• Elevate the sales force through the deployment of STRIDE™

• Keep the sales force focused on execution Sales Force Intelligence also allows for the development of effective sales reward and recognition programs to improve the attraction and retention of top performers, and provides a tool by which leadership can make informed hiring decisions and select candidates matching the ideal success profile.