JTX | Sales Force intelligence
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By aligning your sales organization with your business objectives you can achieve extraordinary results and create a sustainable competitive advantage.


The ability of sales leaders and their teams to focus, make the best decisions, develop extraordinary customer relationships, execute and achieve results will determine the future success of any business. Equally critical is understanding whether your sales professionals possess the behaviours and motivators to be successful in your organization. At JTX we describe that understanding and knowledge as Sales Force Intelligence. It is Sales Force Intelligence that will enable the strategic management of sales resources to create a competitive advantage and increase revenue and profits.


Understanding your sales culture is critical. It’s not what you sell but how you sell.


Sales Force Intelligence is a competitive weapon that aligns sales effectiveness, sales leadership and company leadership to create extraordinary results.


All sales organizations are not created equal. Top performers differ by role, geography, industry sector and corporate culture. Their success is based on what they do and what motivates them to do it. We work with you to capture and quantify this information and make it an achievable goal for the rest of your sales team.


The Sales Force Intelligence process:

• ensures that the message at the top is what it should be and that it is being carried forward effectively into the field

• provides a clear assessment of your sales force capabilities and alignment

• creates a unique and enterprise-specific solution that will enable sales success for your organization.


Sales Force Intelligence allows training dollars to be better directed.


Our customized Sales Force Intelligence assessments allow us to create results-driven, big picture solutions that are at the same time very focused and specific to the individuals within your sales organization.

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