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Success through Responsive Insight-Driven Engagement

Insight = Opportunity


Based on the principles of insight-based selling; STRIDE is an advanced sales training program that allows you to gain valuable insight into both your own workforce and your customer experience – insight that equals increased opportunity and revenue.


STRIDE teaches sales professionals how to more effectively engage with clients using Insight-Driven Engagement.


What is Insight-Driven Engagement?

Insight-Driven Engagement uses Emotional Intelligence to connect with the experience of the customer to build relationships and drive results. How? Instead of just selling a product or service, Insight-Driven Engagement allows you to truly understand and connect with your client and their environment, uncover their needs, and solve their problems.


STRIDE™ Steps:


Insightful preparation – The Identify and Solve portions of the Sales Force Intelligence process, Insightful Preparation involves Strategic Directions™ and High Performer Assessments to align the sales vision and create an ideal sales profile, and an assessment of individual sales professionals using the Sales Performance Assessment™ (SPA) tool.


Insightful Pre-Work

Participants prepare for the STRIDE workshop with pre-assigned readings and the selection of one or two key accounts to be used as case studies within the workshop.


Customized STRIDE Workshop

A customized two day workshop broken into nine focused learning modules:

1. The New Customer Buying Landscape

2. What Research Says About Sales Success

3. How Do You Approach “The Sale”

4. What is Insight-Driven Engagement?

5. How to “Insight Sell”

6. How to “Insight Sell” Hands-on Exercise

7. Sales Performance Assessment™ Results

8. Action Planning for New Sales Approach

9. Tools for Implementation


Insightful Execution

A half day Sales Leader Coaching workshop on how to review and act on individual Sales Performance Assessment™ results as they align to the sales success profile and the Insight-Driven Engagement model.


STRIDE can also be modified for delivery to non-sales areas of your company. It is an effective tool wherever there is a need to interact with internal or external clients. Read more


Turning Insights into Invoices through Innovation

STRIDE is based on identifying what a client actually wants and needs versus what you want to sell, and then coming up with new and improved ideas that are relevant to those wants and needs. Accordingly, the insights uncovered through STRIDE often identify ideas and opportunities for innovation.


Harnessing STRIDE insights can shed light on products or services that can be created or modified to appeal to the needs of existing clients, or, open your eyes to new client or market opportunities that you were previously unaware of.


JTX can help validate these opportunities, assess and select the best innovation options, plan and implement the innovation, and help you realign your brand strategy and communications accordingly.