JTX | Our Approach
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At JTX we do not assume the answer to sales performance questions, challenges, or opportunities is off-the-shelf training. In fact we don’t assume anything. We employ a proven combination of sophisticated assessment and analytical tools that allow us to properly understand your unique business challenges. These tools provide a ‘thinking framework’ that we use to diagnose exactly what needs to be addressed and ensure that all aspects of your specific situation are taken into consideration. We then work with you to create focused, customized and practical solutions to resolve the issues and allow you to achieve positive, sustainable results.


Using proven and powerful methodologies, JTX will work with you to design a sales success model that will create a high performance sales force and drive your business growth.


JTX Questions


• How clear and aligned is the vision at the leadership level for what is required for sales success?


• Is there a clear understanding of the sales success profile necessary to drive a customer centric organization and achieve the sales vision?


• Is there alignment between the direction and expectations of the sales leadership and the sales organization’s activities?


• What is driving performance differences among individual sales people and how can the success attributes of high performers be utilized to benefit the organization?


JTX Path to Success


• Align Sales Vision, Sales Performance and Sales Leadership


• Create a Common Language


• Identify key behaviours, attributes and motivators for success


• Create an Ideal Template


• Map individual performance against the ideal


• Develop and implement practical solutions to improve performance


• Coach teams and departments to achieve ongoing success


• Follow-up to sustain results


JTX Commitment


Our interaction is not event-based. Once we have created and implemented a solution, we stick around – as long as you need us – to protect your investment. This is our Learning Continuum:


We work with you to ensure proper ongoing deployment to sustain results.