The JTX Sales Performance Iceberg

The JTX Sales Performance Iceberg illustrates the characteristics that impact the performance of a typical professional salesperson. To improve sales performance and persuasion, one must understand and apply the underlying components of influence—as first explained in Mike Shultz and John Doer’s groundbreaking book Rainmaking Conversations. The percentage attributed to each characteristic indicates its proportional importance and influence on sales results.

There are four tangible characteristics visible above the water line which together represent a 44% impact on sales results. These four CONSCIOUS characteristics—usually referred to as Sales Competencies or Skills—are easily addressed and are typically covered by traditional sales training programs and sales methodologies. 

However, there are also four SUBCONSCIOUS characteristics located below the water line that—although less visible and considered less “tangible”—together represent a critical 56% of sales performance. These characteristics (now known as the Sales DNA factors) are essential to the success and well-being of any sales professional, yet the majority of salespeople remain completely unaware of their impact. And, like with any iceberg, what’s under the water can sink big ships!   

Although overlooked by all other training programs and methodologies, these SUBCONSCIOUS Sales DNA factors are included (alongside the CONSCIOUS Sales Competencies or Skills) within the OMG Sales Assessments and are effectively addressed by Sales Force Intelligence and STRIDE—the JTX Sales Training Program.​

What if your entire sales force was 20-30% more effective? What revenue impact would that have?

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