Discover the “21 Core Sales Competencies for Sales Reps” identified by Objective Management Group.

With these 21 core competencies, you will get an accurate picture of the skills held by sales reps who achieve their objectives — all of which rests on the study of more than 2,000,000 reps.

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Discover the “20 Core Sales Competencies for Sales Managers” identified by Objective Management Group. 

With these 20 core competencies, you will get an accurate picture of the skills held by sales manager who achieve their objectives — all of which rests on the study of more than 43,000 sales managers.

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OMG Tools

Sales Force Grader
Learn how your sales force compares with others, and receive recommendations on what you can do to help them improve.


Sales Achievement Grader

Ten straightforward questions that will provide you with a grade on your personal level of sales achievement.


Recruiting Process Grader

Select the steps you currently include in your formal or informal sales recruiting, and receive a grade on the effectiveness of your process.

Sales Hiring Mistake Grader

Fifteen questions that will determine your total cost of hiring mistakes—including your cost of recruitment, development and lost business.


Explore and Compare Statistics on the 21 Sales Core Competencies

Explore OMG’s data behind the science of sales force selection, and discover how your salespeople score in each of the 21 Core Competencies.


Free trial of Sales Candidate Assessment

The Sales Candidate Assessment can help you eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers!).

OMG White Papers

The Modern Science Behind Sales Force Excellence:

This White Paper provides insights, commentary and conclusions reached from OMG’s Sales Force Effectiveness Study, conducted during the latter part of 2014. It reports on the practices of companies large and small, with and without dedicated top of the funnel teams, and with and without traditional sales forces. The study was designed to be inclusive rather than exclusive, and have applicability to any sales leader, HR professional or senior executive that reviews it.

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The Modern Science of Sales Force Selection:

This White Paper has it all. Research, empirical data, evidence, and the insights into how accurately you can predict sales success in sales candidates in any business calling into any marketplace. This is not based on personality assessments or behavioral styles assessments. Rather it is truly contextual – based on sales specific questions asked to hundreds of thousands of salespeople.
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Sales Longevity – The Science of Predicting Sales Turnover:

Read Dave Kurlan’s latest research, empirical data, and insights into how you can accurately predict and prevent sales turnover before you hire a new salesperson. This White Paper provides formulas to help you calculate your Ramp-Up Time, Months to Break-Even, and Months to New Salesperson ROI. It also reveals the variables that affect Turnover, and demonstrates the ability to predict the likelihood of retaining the new salesperson long enough to achieve Break-Even and New Salesperson ROI.

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